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Resources for Writers


Writing Picture Books A Hands-On Guide From Story Creation to Publication By Ann Whitford Paul
This book is GOLD!  I will be blogging soon on all the great stuff I'm learning from it!  I was introduced to this book by  Crystal Bowman during a Writing Conference in Grand Rapids.

Children's Writer's WORD BOOK by Alijandra Mogilner & Toyopa Mogiliner.
Another recommendation by Crystal Bowman at the conference.  It tells you what grade level different words are so that you can target your writing for a certain age of child.

Here are some links to helpful information:

I took classes here and it was worth every penny! 

A testimonial from a writer friend of mine:

This is happening soon--you can even attend online:

Author Josh Funk:
Check out this author--tons of good advice!

If you are new to the publishing journey, check out Kate Motaung!  I highly recommend getting on her email list.  She sends out helpful information all the time!
 Kate Motaung

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