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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Mouse in a Matchbox - Craft Idea for Kids

This week I am heading to Springfield, Missouri to celebrate Thanksgiving with my brother and extended family. On Saturday, I am doing another Story Time Event with Barnes & Noble. 
This is the craft that I am bringing to share with the children. 

I can't believe I haven't shared this craft on the blog yet. 

Isn't it cute?

And so easy to make!

The craft is one of four ideas in the FREE DOWNLOADABLE teaching guide that Zonderkidz helped me format. 

I purchased the matchboxes (and emptied the matches) at Meijer. ($1 for 10 boxes).

 I cut pieces of felt for the blanket, 

and I cut make-up remover cotton pads into two pieces for the mattress.

 The paper doll is from the download. It comes in three sizes, but I chose the smallest size, made a screenshot, and created a document so that I can print a bunch all at once on white cardstock. 

Finally, assemble it!

I tell each child that Mouse loves to hear their stories. 

I hope many children end up telling Mouse their stories in the days and months to come.

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