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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Book Review GOD MADE DADDY SPECIAL by Glenys Nellist

Toddlers will delight in this new book by Glenys Nellist. It is a sturdy board book filled with eye-appealing illustrations and rhyme that sings.  Each word has been carefully selected so that young children can relate to the ideas being presented.

Each page showcases a different daddy and child "animal" while highlighting characteristics about daddies that children find special.

Some of the characteristics/qualities of "Daddy" found in the pages of the book:

--he teaches
--he's super-duper nice
--being carried on Dad's shoulders
--shows me how
--he's my favorite guy
--taken good care of me
--we play together
--strong, handsome, big, tall, smart, funny
--we cuddle
--helps me when I wobble
--we hang around together

The animals:

--polar bear

 The last page shows a human child and father and ties in James 1:17, the verse from Scripture that says, "every good and perfect gift is from God."  (Daddy is God's gift to the child)

Glenys did a masterful job of using the animals' natural traits and blending those into things that young children will find special about their own daddy.  For example, one of my favorite pages was the one in which the flamingo daddy helps the child flamingo not to wobble on one leg.  Another favorite was the skunk daddy showing the child how to make a stink. It made me smile and laugh.  

Overall, I loved the book.  Great job, Glenys!  I wish you all the best!

About the author:

Glenys is the coordinator of Children's Ministry for the West Michigan Conference of the United Methodist Church. She is Zondervan children's book author of twelve titles including two popular series: Love Letters from God and Snuggle Time. Glenys is a writer with a passion for God, her family, and children's ministry.

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