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Friday, March 23, 2018

Five Minute Friday - ROUTINE

Is ROUTINE a positive or a negative?

  • 5:30 alarm goes off--
  • I “rest” a bit more, then shuffle down to make my coffee.
  • That Keurig I was sure I didn’t need is probably the item I use most in my kitchen. (Thanks, Doug!)
  • Cup of coffee under the covers while I “think/pray” then off to wake up the kids, take a shower, and rush off to work. 

That’s what I do. Monday through Friday.
Day after day after day.

Then there is WORK ROUTINE
Classroom routines are a must.  You know, the "ways" that you do things so students know that you are organized and what to expect. 
  • I have a "greeting"
  • I have the "sonrisa de hoy"  (a daily meme)
  • I have the "daily conversation questions" (most days)
  • I have a way I stamp homework, and a system of points for completion and partial credit.  
  • Homework always "counts."
  • I have an agenda I keep on the Canvas Calendar.

The list goes on...

But in the classroom, I don't want to get so "routine" that my students dread coming to class.

So I work hard to be creative, trying to keep it fresh--doing different things, in different ways, appealing to different learning styles. I incorporate technology and student choice.  I connect content with culture. I give comprehensible input.... You get the picture...

So enough about teaching!

Can a ROUTINE be negative? 

I think it can. If my life is in such a pattern or box that I never glance around to see what others are going through, then that is a problem or at the very least a red flag.  I never want my routine to keep me from seeing people the way Jesus sees them. And I especially do not want to miss opportunities to be light and life to those who are hurting and in need of someone who cares.

The bottom line--

I want to say yes to routine to prevent chaos, 

but I want to be willing to

drop my routine when God places a person or task along my path for a reason.

What about you?


  1. I read the start of your post and my main thought was that I could never love a routine that involves getting up at 5.30am!!
    I agree though, there is a lot of benefit to having a routine but it is also important not to get stuck in it but to stay open to new things and especially what God is doing! Visiting from #36.

  2. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Tbh I think I love the coffee part more than the 5:30 part. :)