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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Book recommendation--LITTLE RED'S RIDING 'HOOD by Peter Stein

Hey everyone-- I found a new favorite book and I just have to share!

LITTLE RED'S RIDING HOOD by Peter Stein with pictures by Chris Gall

It is a wonderful example of humor, word choice, and kid appeal in a picture book and just have to share it with you.

It is a winner of the 2017-2018 Young Hoosier award, and for good reason.  

As you read the book, you will understand why... such a fun read from cover to cover!

The book plays on the beloved story of Little Red Riding Hood, done "transportation" style.

Little Red Riding Hood is "Little Red the scooter," and the Big Bad Wolf is "Tank, the King of the Road."

Here are some of the word plays that made me smile!

"Poor Granny Putt-Putt is feeling run down." 
"Vroom! Didi-didi-didi"
"Well, burn my rubber!"
"They've got the goods to make Granny feel showroom-new!"
"Something felt out of alignment."
"Why, Granny! what big wheels you have."
"That crash cooled his engines for good."

I loved it all!  Especially the ending which I will let you read to find out...but its a happy one.

Happy reading!

You can visit Peter Stein at

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