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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Layers--Julie Hedlund's list of layers in picture books and link to FB live seminar

Social media--gotta love it.

I was able to tune into a Facebook Live chat with Julie Hedlund about layers in picture books.  She had some fantastic information.  I shared it to my Facebook page if you are interested, or you can find it at the PB Summit Facebook page.  I also have a link to Julie's FB Page because her page offers some more fabulous tricks of the trade that I think are helpful to any picture book writer.

Julie Hedlund Facebook

PB Summit Facebook

My Facebook Page

The layers she talked about were:
1.  Plot
2. Character
3. Heart
4. Rule of Three
5. Pacing
6. Illustrations
7. Voice
8. Structure
9. Language
10. Theme

What a great list!

I loved how she gave example texts and talked about how they exemplified each layer.  

So, for my next challenge, I am going to:

1. Check out some picture books and analyze for layering.

2. Revise my own manuscripts with these layers in mind.

I'll let you know my progress! (Stay tuned!)

Thanks, Julie at PB Summit for a great FB Live post!

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