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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Cover reveal for TRUE HORIZON by Laurie Winter

You may remember Laurie from a blog post I did a few months ago.  Laurie and I have the same literary agent.  That is one of the best things about this publication journey.  Meeting new friends along the way.

This weekend Laurie is revealing the cover for her next book featuring main character Heath Carter.  Looks great, Laurie!  Best wishes!

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Back Cover Blurb:

Back home on her family's Texas Longhorn ranch, Grace Murray is busy preparing for her wedding. After a scruffy tattooed drifter saves her life, she takes on the mission of helping her savior, Heath Carter, find peace. The steady friendship and unconditional acceptance she receives from him encourages her to trade an old dream for a new one—a dream true to her heart. When she calls off her wedding, Grace is finally set free to fully love Heath.

After a decade of military service, Special Forces veteran Heath Carter is living with war's tragic consequences. Struggling with PTSD, anger, and guilt, he travels through Texas, solitarily moving from job to job. Working with Grace on the ranch, Heath's guilt over his past actions make him feel unworthy of her love. As their paths lead them in different directions, Heath needs to discover the courage to fight his toughest battle yet—the one inside himself.

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