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Friday, October 20, 2017

5 Minute Friday DISCOVER

Today I'm trying something new--or should I say "discovering" something new!

It is called a 5 minute write.  I'm hoping it will help me dive more deeply into "Blogging World."  

I'm actually scared to death to post this because this is my writing. On display. And probably to other blogger/writers!  But here goes:

The word today is DISCOVER.

What am I discovering?

How insecure I am?...  Nah.  I knew that already.
How much I still have to learn?  Maybe... 

Or, how refreshing it is to try something new...learn something new...find out something new!

New things for me happen constantly...
1.  In the World Language classroom as I shift the style of my teaching practices and try new techniques. (I teach Spanish)
2.  With my teenagers (I have 3 of them--talk about another culture) as they try to teach me what it is they are saying, doing, and buying.  
3.  Technology...need I say more?  (Look at me today...attempting to embed my post on someone else's blog...incredible discovery about to take place!)
4.  Conversation connections that surprise me--I am amazed at what I discover I have in common with the least likely candidates.
5.  In Scripture...I discover a thought that gives me the strength to meet the day.

What about you?  What are you discovering? What keeps you from discovery?

Well, my five minutes went quickly!  (I have to admit it was more like 15...but hey this is my first attempt) 


  1. Welcome! Visiting as your FMF neighbor. There is so much in this world to discover.

  2. Welcome to the tribe! Five minutes does go quickly. I get my teens to help me discover how to use my technology :)

  3. @nomad Thanks for stopping by!
    @Carol They are the experts, aren’t they?

  4. Mindy, you did a great job with this. Welcome to FMF!

    I fought hard against Spanish all through school...and ended up becoming fluent, because I was working with a group of Cuban mercenaries in places I'd rather not name. I'm sure my former teachers were having a good laugh. (Although...Cuban Spanish is a language in itself.)

    #1 at FMF this week.

  5. Thanks, Andrew! I would love to hear more about your adventures with the cubanos! Very intriguing. I have visited Cuba one time and found it fascinating—the people were the best! Best wishes to you.

  6. Welcome to FMF - such a wonderful community! Glad you discovered it....sorry:) Yes, it is wonderful to discover one more thing, each day, along our journey - even if it does involve technology. Oh my!!

    Have a wonderful week ahead!!

  7. Thanks, Jennifer! I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I hope your week goes well, too!