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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Mentor Text...What I learned from A SQUASH AND A SQUEEZE by Julia Donaldson

I love this book!  Why?


This is a wonderful book showing us how to choose JUST THE RIGHT WORD in JUST THE RIGHT PLACE.  WITH JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF REPETITION.

Words I love:

grumble and grouse
my nose has a tickle
tapped out a jig
frolics and fiddle-de-dees
heavens alive
weeny for five

She is a master at rhyme--with just the right number of syllables.
Nothing is forced.
It's just, plain, perfect!

Rhymes I love:

all by herself
jug on the shelf

grumble and grouse
room in my house

help me please
squash and a squeeze
no room to sneeze
goat's got fleas
pig in the cupboard agrees
down on my knees

And then there's the repetition.  She knows when to repeat and why to repeat.
Let me repeat...I love this book!

P.S. There is a lesson embedded--to be content with what you have--but it is not preachy--very natural!  So that is another take-away.  In your manuscript, don't tell your lesson, trust that your reader will "get it" through your story.  

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