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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Churches in Czech Republic...home of Mouse?

This summer my husband and I traveled to the Czech Republic.  So many adventures and cultural experiences!  For example, do you know what this is?  

What about this?

Or, what if you are in the middle of a romantic dinner for two and the waitress brings you this.  What would you do with it?
Give up?  The next thing that happens is that she pours hot water on it and it expands into this:

Of course!  A perfect towel for when you are finished peeling the prawns you ordered!!

We even rented a car and drove through the countryside to the little town of Malenovice. (Kudos to my friend Donna and my husband Doug for being willing to drive!)

Thanks to Mouse and my upcoming book, I think I've become a bit obsessed with little white churches! Check out these cool churches we visited along the way during our trip.  I know Mouse would love to live in this beautiful church in Malenovice.

He would also love these two churches in the little village of Ostravice.  This one was high on a hill, overlooking the village below.

                                                                    What a view!

This is the second church we found in Ostravice.

And I must include a few photos showing the charm and beauty of Prague!  

Mouse may even like to pack his bags and live in a castle or a cathedral...

But knowing Mouse, he probably would just like to visit the Czech Republic.  There is nothing like home, sweet home!


  1. What beautiful photos, Mindy!

  2. Thanks, Dow!! I wish everyone could see the scenes in person because my photos pale in comparison to the actual beauty. Great to hear from you!!