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Sunday, August 27, 2017

My take-aways from mini PB Summit on August 22

I recently watched a free PB Mini Summit online on August 22 with presenters Julie Hedlund, Jon Bard, Emma Walton Hamilton, and Katie Davis.  Great content! After the evening presentation, I went to the library and checked out a few of the "mentor texts" they suggested.  Had to put "MOTHER BRUCE" on hold, can't wait for it to come in!

My take-aways

1.  Think about pacing and how to create movement with words.  Do I want to slow. certain. texts. down. to. a. standstill.  Or do I want to create a more fast paced line that will zip along quickly and rapidly for the reader to read.  And how do authors create a sing song quality...  I've really been reflecting on the role of punctuation, repetition, and word choice.

2.  I loved this quote by Kate Davis, "Cut soggy words and keep the crisp words."  As the one of the presenters said, "pictures are supposed to create 50% of the story." So, if that is true, what should I cut out of my story to create space for the artist to work his/her magic?

**This got me thinking about how being an author/illustrator would be advantageous, because so much of the humor/sparkle comes in the pairing of the words and the art.  (A little worried about this because I am not an artist.)

3.  Use page turns to create suspense and reveal a surprise or punchline.  I plan to go back through manuscripts to make sure that the page turn has a reason and/or a surprise waiting on the other side.

It was a really helpful mini-seminar, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to tune in!

I'm going to a Writers Conference!

Another author first for me!  After a push from a few writing pals that I have, I am officially signed up to attend this conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  How do I feel?  NERVOUS!  Especially since I am going to drive up there by myself.  Thank goodness for Mapquest!

But I can't wait to learn, learn, learn, and learn some more.  The break out sessions look very helpful, and I will finally get to meet my new online friend Glenys Nellist.  She is PRESENTING at the conference which is so amazing.  I'm sure I will take a TON of notes!  Congrats, Glenys Nellist!  Your work is inspiring.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Churches in Czech Republic...home of Mouse?

This summer my husband and I traveled to the Czech Republic.  So many adventures and cultural experiences!  For example, do you know what this is?  

What about this?

Or, what if you are in the middle of a romantic dinner for two and the waitress brings you this.  What would you do with it?
Give up?  The next thing that happens is that she pours hot water on it and it expands into this:

Of course!  A perfect towel for when you are finished peeling the prawns you ordered!!

We even rented a car and drove through the countryside to the little town of Malenovice. (Kudos to my friend Donna and my husband Doug for being willing to drive!)

Thanks to Mouse and my upcoming book, I think I've become a bit obsessed with little white churches! Check out these cool churches we visited along the way during our trip.  I know Mouse would love to live in this beautiful church in Malenovice.

He would also love these two churches in the little village of Ostravice.  This one was high on a hill, overlooking the village below.

                                                                    What a view!

This is the second church we found in Ostravice.

And I must include a few photos showing the charm and beauty of Prague!  

Mouse may even like to pack his bags and live in a castle or a cathedral...

But knowing Mouse, he probably would just like to visit the Czech Republic.  There is nothing like home, sweet home!