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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Review of BLUE TIDE by Jenna Lynne Duncan

Arrgh matey!  This is no ordinary pirate novel.  Yes, there are pirates. But the setting is a future dystopian waterworld, with Middle Eastern elements masterfully woven throughout.  In BLUE TIDE, Jenna-Lynne Duncan combines romance and action in this page-turning novel that you won't want to put down until you are finished reading it.

Lux and her family have been stranded on an island after the Floods destroyed much of the known world.  Lux longs to get off the island and hopefully return to what once was her homeland.  However, as she ventures out, she is captured by a pirate named Captain Draven.  As a captive, she begins to see into the heart of this young pirate, and understand his complex behavior.  By turning Lux over to the one who is controlling him, he could earn his own freedom, but will he now that the two of them share a romantic attraction? 

About the author:
Jenna Duncan likes to write heart-stopping, page-turning, haunting romance in all YA genres.  With a love for travel and a special connection to the Middle East, she explores different cultures and different languages. Her current YA releases are entitled HURRICANE, TEMPEST, AFTERMATH, and now the latest BLUE TIDE.  Jenna graduated with degrees in Middle Eastern Studies, Political Science, and International Studies.  BLUE TIDE was a recent winner of RWA's Romancing the Lake contest. 

She welcomes those to contact her on TWITTER: @JennaLynneD 
and her website:  Jenna-Lynn's website
Jenna:  Your book kept me reading until the end, and Captain Draven won my heart!  I was definitely intrigued from the beginning by the futuristic setting that included pirates.  Best wishes!  
P.S.  I love the cover!  

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