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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Promotion of A FURROW SO DEEP and Interview with author Penelope Powell

Book Summary:  (From Anaiah Press website)

After thirteen long years, Karen Braden returns home to inherit her grandmother’s bed and breakfast, hoping it will provide the kind of future she wants for herself and her daughter. There’s only one problem—she’ll have to face the past and the one man she’s never stopped loving: Dean Anderson.
In the years following Karen’s hasty and unexplained departure, Dean built a portfolio of auto dealerships, yet he remains unfulfilled. When he sees Karen again, his hurt resurfaces, clashing with the love he’s always had for her. Determined to find out why she left him all those years ago, Dean discovers there’s more at stake than just getting answers.
As the truth begins to unravel, Dean and Karen must decide if they can forgive past transgressions and trust God to help them forge a future, better than either could ever anticipate. (excerpt taken from Anaiah Press blurb)
(My thoughts)
Penelope Powell's A FURROW SO DEEP is a beautiful story that demonstrates how God can restore and rebuild past mistakes. Through her characters' lives and choices, she leads the reader to explore heart issues such as extending forgiveness towards others, receiving forgiveness from God, as well as the importance of forgiving yourself in order to find the freedom to live out the beautiful future God wants for you.     
I enjoyed the depth of Penny's writing.  This book challenged me to consider the consequences of foolish choices, but the restoration and freedom that is available in Christ.  The characters Dean and Karen have a painful past, but with God's help the furrow is not too deep to overcome.   
Link to buy A FURROW SO DEEP on Amazon

Penelope on Twitter: @penpowell89

I had an opportunity to ask Penelope a few questions.  Here are her responses! 

Q:  What is the process you go through to take a concept and turn it into a novel?

A: Honestly, it varies. I've had dreams that have initiated ideas and I've heard conversations about real life dilemmas that have made me say "What if" that develops into a story.

Q: Do you find that your story surprises you when it reaches its final product?

The middle surprises me. I usually know where I want a character to end up, spiritually and circumstantially, but sometimes, the journey takes on a life of its own and I realize something needs to happen that surprises me.

Q: How do you develop your characters to make them seem like real people?

A: I think I relate to them through my own fears, failures  insecurities and challenges.

Q: Do you have any unique tricks for this type of character development? 

A: Not really a trick, we all do this. When we hear someone's story, we develop an empathic lens, asking​ourselves "How would I feel, or react in this situation?"

Q: What do you hope your reader takes away from reading this novel?

A: I hope everyone can see themselves, our frailty, limitations, and need for God's grace and wisdom.

Q:  What advice do you have for unpublished authors?
A:  I'm going to pass on what Colleen Coble said to me at one of her book signings, "Keep writing!"

About Penelope: (in her own words) 
I may live in Indiana, but I am completely Southern. My roots are buried deep in the hills of Middle Tennessee. That said, I've lived in many places here and abroad. Because of that I've been exposed to various cultures and my perspective has widened a bit.

Since I have degrees in Political Science and Multinational Commerce, I can’t explain how I ended up writing Christian Romance, except for God.

Like the things we experience, I believe good fiction can inspire and change someone's perspective.  It's my prayer that my words will show others a Savior who loves them.

Note to Penelope:  I am so thrilled for you with the publication of your second book, and I am so glad we are friends!  I wish you all the best with this book and many more to come in the future.  Thanks for the interview :)

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