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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

An Interview with Author Erin Keeley Marshall

Today's guest author is a personal friend of mine...Erin Keeley Marshall.  We have been friends since college.  I am so amazed at all of her accomplishments in the writing world!  She is the author of several books and hundreds of devotions.  Her latest book is called The Hope of Heaven, and she co-wrote it with Alan Hallene Jr.

Today I did a short interview with her.  My next post will highlight her latest book, The Hope of Heaven.

 Me:  What is the process of co-writing like?

Erin Keeley Marshall: Co-writing, or collaborative writing, requires the art of balance because a collaborative writer often plays many roles, including serving as the link between the story and the publishing process. Whenever I’ve coauthored something, I’ve had to argue tactfully and proactively for my coauthor—who often has the heart of the story and needs me to put it in publishable words—as well as on behalf of the agent, the editorial team, and the marketing team. A professional collaborative writer needs to understand the process of publishing and what is worth pushing and what needs to remain in the hands of the publisher. 
The co-writer leads the way in writing the proposal and sample chapters and sending that document to the agent or editor at a publishing house. Once a publishing offer is extended, accepted, and the contract is signed, the co-writer then continues leading the way through writing the manuscript, scheduling due dates for back and forth revisions between writers, and working through the editing process with the editorial team. 
A collaborative writer needs to play a behind-the-scenes role with a great deal of proactive assertiveness, tact, and professionalism that carries over to the other writer.  

  Me:  What are a few of the highs and lows of your publishing journey?

Erin Keeley Marshall: Contract signing is always a highlight because it points to the future and holds so much potential for something new and exciting that is about to be born. The first offer I received to write my own book—Navigating Route 20-Something—was a thrill. Actually, whenever I get a phone call or email from my agent requesting me to work with someone on a story that touches my heart, I am encouraged to keep going in this challenging field that I’ve loved being part of for twenty-some years.

Me: What aspect of your career do you enjoy the most and why?

Erin Keeley Marshall: I love the freedom to dream and put words to those dreams. Through writing I can organize my thoughts, as well as learn more about myself and what drives me. I can inspire others to think in new ways about life and faith and truths that extend to eternity past and into forever. I also enjoy working from home because of the flexibility. Writing is freeing because I can form thoughts in my head no matter what else is going on during the day. I love the unending wonder of what God will place on my heart next.

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