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Friday, March 20, 2015

The Story Behind the Last Line

The last line of my book, MOUSE'S CHRISTMAS GIFT, is the sentence "All was well."  This line comes from a very vivid memory that I have of a Christmas Eve Service at our church one year not too long ago. The church was beautifully decorated with trees, glowing star lights, and candles.  All around me were friends and family-- the scene was picture perfect.

But that particular year, all was NOT well.  A close friend of mine had cancer, and almost every other area of my life seemed messy and very uncertain.  My heart was heavy, and the burden of it all seemed more than I could bear.

What I remember the most about that night was the lyrics to one of the songs.   It was entitled, "All Is Well," written by Michael W. Smith.  God used this song to speak a gentle, but powerful reminder into my heart.  Because of Jesus' birth, all that is wrong will one day be made right.  This certainty brings peace and comfort to our present circumstances, and the ability to say--All Is Well.  We can praise him in the midst of our pain because He walks with us through it, and we know he holds our tomorrows.  And our eternal tomorrow will be wonderful--with joy unfathomable.

I pray that you will find the miraculous peace that comes from knowing Jesus as your Savior.  Let his peace flow into your heart as he walks with you through the pain of today, and look forward to the certain joy of heaven's tomorrow.

  1. All Is Well
  2. Lyrics
    All is well all is well
    Angels and men rejoice
    For tonight darkness fell
    Into the dawn of love's light
    Sing A-le
    Sing Alleluia
    All is well all is well
    Let there be peace on earth
    Christ is come go and tell
    That He is in the manger
    Sing A-le
    Sing Alleluia
    All is well all is well
    Lift up your voice and sing
    Born is now Emmanuel
    Born is our Lord and Savior
    Sing Alleluia
    Sing Alleluia
    All is well

    Here is a link if you would like to hear the song:

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