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Friday, February 6, 2015

Which quilt are you? (MOUSE'S CHRISTMAS GIFT personality test)

In my book, MOUSE'S CHRISTMAS GIFT, some of the villagers decorate the tree outside the church with quilt squares, fabric scraps, and hair ribbons.  Which fabric square would you say best reflects your personality?  It is not a trick question, just choose the one you are drawn to, and I have written a little ditty about the personality I think matches that piece of fabric.  You can write and tell me if you agree or disagree.






#1. You are optimistic, cheerful, and happy.  You are systematic and logical.
#2. You are creative, zany, bold, and confident.  You are an energetic people-person.
#3.  You are self-assured and opinionated, but calm and reasonable.  You tend to be contemplative and quiet, but can demonstrate a flair for the dramatic.
#4.  You are creative and imaginative, playful and sweet, you see the best in people.
#5.  You are reflective and analytical, simple, to-the-point, a list-maker, and very organized.
#6.  You are gentle, caring, loving, practical, and polite.

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