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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Widow Barthomew's Bread

Can't you smell it?  Mmm....freshly baked bread!  In MOUSE'S CHRISTMAS GIFT, Widow Barthomew bakes bread to share at the Christmas Eve Service.  I chose bread because it is a simple food that would be eaten in the time period, as well as one that would not be too expensive.  To me it is an image of a cozy, loving scene. It is also an image of a sustaining food.

The irony of it all:  My last name is Baker, but I don't do a lot of baking.  I do have one recipe for a double chocolate banana bread that is delicious.  Here is a link:

Have you ever tried these rolls?  This is what I buy when I want the taste of homemade bread:

Look at these delicious breads below:

Here are my sources:

Which of these breads do you think looks the yummiest?  Which do you think Widow Bartholomew brought to the Christmas Eve Service?  Feel free to share your delicious bread recipes!

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