Tuesday, December 11, 2018

12 Days of Christmas Books Contest CCA: Enter to win!

Today I made my first post with christianchildrensauthors.com.  Starting in 2019, I will be blogging on their site one time every other month. I am excited to participate with them in this way!

For 2018, I am participating in their 12 Days of Christmas Books currently going on this month.

 I am DAY 9

That means I am holding a contest this week on their site and giving away a copy of Mouse's Christmas Gift. 

My post on Christian Children's Authors website

Feel free to click over to that site and enter. To enter, either leave a comment on that blog. If you share the post from their site either on Twitter or on Facebook you will receive an extra entry for a total of up to "3" chances to win.

Thanks for your interest in Mouse's Christmas Gift!  Good luck in the contest!

Monday, December 3, 2018

Blog Tour #8 Everyone Loves Giveaways! Hosted by Rebecca Angus, literary agent

Blog Tour Week 8! Literary agent Rebecca Angus is hosting me this week on her blog and offering three fantastic give-aways!  Click the link to check out all the details!